On behalf of Progroup Group of Companies, I would like to extend my gratitude to you for the invaluable contribution each one of you has made in its development and for the effective cooperation.

We are a team of experienced professionals engaged in development design consulting and the keystone of our work is an individual approach to each client.

From the very beginning, we set a number of key values for ourselves, values that still guide our work thus far. We keep on working on enhancement of the services we provide.

Our Company activities are based on the principle of efficiency in everything that we do. Profitability, commitment to achieve results using optimal resources and maximum payoff are the principal guidelines of our work aimed at getting additional competitive advantages on the market.

Our responsibility is backed by our exceptional commitment: we always deliver what we promised.

Our company continuously expands the scope of its activities, the scale of business conduct and the geography of its services.

In 2007, we founded a Charity Foundation «Weal», the first community foundation in Berezovsky municipality.